Priorities and puddles

  1. I was just about to start loading up photos for your entertainment
  2. Then I realised that I need to get up at about 5.40 tomorrow to give myself loads of time to get to my new company class which starts at 7.30.
  3. That means tomorrow I’m teaching 5 lessons between 7.30 am and 8.40 pm
  4. I’m already tired, I should go to sleep now
  5. Still here! I need to get my priorities sorted…
  6. I may end up in a puddle on the floor tomorrow
  7. That might be because of the rain, or exhaustion
  8. I’m still ridiculously excited about Bella time this weekend
  9. Photos and anecdotes about the rather splendid LTN visit will have to wait
  10. Oh go on then, have one
G’night folks, love you all