Lizzy Stardust

A little bit more Queen for all you royalists and Bowie fans out there.  This beauty has just replaced a graff of some policemen on Park Row and I spotted it as we headed out excursioning on Saturday.  Determined not to be cheated of my shot we diverted back there on the way home and I snapped it.  Twould be better if I were taller, but tis still fab.

when a tiara just isn’t enough of a statement…


See no evil

Remember the three wise monkeys who got a makeover?  This is just round the corner from them, in fact you can just see a hint of purple above and left the nattily hatted skellington.   I’ve a few new angles of this particular corner to share, so keep watching the walls my friends.

alas poor Yorik

Spiraling out of control

It’s been all quiet on the blog front lately.  I have photos piling up unsorted, zoo visits unchronicled, and thoughts unfocused.  That’s the thing you see, there has to be the right sort of focus or it all just gets a little bit out of control.

love the mad man with hearts in his eyes

Recently I’ve been trying to focus on the jobhunting thing.  Calling it just ‘the thing’ could be misleading.  At the very least it should have capitals to give a sense of scale and significance, and maybe italics too: The Thing looms over my days like the rain clouds that have been all too prevalent in the last week, and the sad fact is, I’m rubbish at it.  Give me a job and I’ll do a darn fine job of it, but ask me to find a new one and I’ll probably struggle.

The trouble is, I’m letting it get me down.  I’m letting it stop me phoning my friends, because I don’t have a cheerful answer to ‘how’s the job hunt going’, and I’m letting it make me grumpier than I ought to be with LTN (which, for the record, is not at all).

So, a resolution has been passed.  I shall snatch back my usual optimism, I shall enjoy my wonderful cheering squad, and I shall dance naked in the rain.  But when it comes to resolutions you’ve got to be realistic, so I’ll be aiming for 2 out of 3 of those and calling it a job well done.

Watch this space for the pictures I’ve been hoarding and stories of milkshake, rainbows and seedlings on my windowsill.  It’s onwards and upwards from here on in.

We’re all fools here, my friend

I finally screwed together a tiny ounce of willpower today and took myself up on the Downs for a run.  There was sunshine and I hit my stride for a wee while; I cleared out some of the fog.  I told myself that I’d start with 25 mins today and then go every day from now on.  We’ll see if I manage it, for truth be told, I can fool myself all too well…

It seems to me that we’re all fools at one time or another, but the secret is to take little steps (running or walking) towards some kind of sense that suits you. And now, tangentially, here is some punchy street art from my Bristol wanderings, colours to go with the last of the sun.