Pics and bricks

These don’t really fit with anything much so I’m popping them up alone.  I love this skull, I think all the more because it’s not all there, it adds a certain mystery to it….And are the erratic face and the girl connected?  More mystery.  If these walls could talk…


Alles wird gut, cherie

Following my varius chats about cupcakes and fleamarkets und so weiter und so weiter, I think I ought to finally show you a picture of my accomplice.  For some reason there aren’t many people in this blog normally, so I’ll work on changing that.  Anyway, c’est Claire:

She’s going back to London soon (boo) so I shall aim to download all Berlin knowledge from her before she leaves.  Nextly, and in no way connectedly, here is a shaggy dog who made me smile.

He was at the market, I saw him mid wander.  Later on after a stroll round other streets I found this below.  This is the best fountain to be seen in Berlin, I defy anyone to say otherwise.  It’s a hippo with water comin’ out of it’s nose.  Genius.
Plus, there are little people on its back. Look closely:

I think he might be holding a gun which is a tad suspicious, but nonetheless, I say once again, genius.  I also found a neat little stencil-me-bob which has given it’s name to this post, because I like it so much.  Everything’s going to be ok, honey.  The words in the shape of the TV tower say so.

Do you notice the mixed langwidges there?  Yeah, it’s cool…..


We talked about cupcakes.  We planned going for cupcakes.  We rescheduled.  We went and ate cupcakes!  Lush.

Lucky me to have a very nice cupcake shop around the corner and a Claire to take me there.   Now I just need to work on having more people for go for Sunday afternoon beers with.  Miss my days in the park with London peeps, beer and cider, the papers and a frisbee.   Hugs to you all xxx