taking the P out of plans

I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that I just shouldn’t try to plan. It doesn’t suit me, and it usually goes wrong.  And there’s just so much that you can’t plan for – so what’s the point of agonising for months over something and then having to start all over again when things change?  Why not just say One – Two – Three and take a running jump, see where you land and start walking….

Why the introspection?  After deciding to come home to England to be with my lovely LTN we went on a fantastic French holiday to do le ski and le snowboard.  The weather was fantastic, the company epic, the going good – and then the mountain tripped us up and hit us hard.  Or rather it hit LTN hard and so my poor boy has been in hospital for the last week and a half, laid mostly on his back while they found time for him to have bits of metal put in it to mend the broken vertebrae.  It’s going to be ok, he’s walking again now and is being a total hero through all the pain and waiting and wondering what’s going to happen – but it has rather thrown our ‘plans’ into a loop the loop.  So, we’ll just be waiting and seeing and working it out as we go along. 

In the meantime, there are beautiful songs like this one, a long time pleasure


in which I am very glad that I bought a raincoat

The rain it raineth in Berlin.  But for the first time in many years I’m actually somewhat prepared. A few weeks ago, after yet more episodes of swimming in borrowed jackets that are much bigger than I am, I admitted to myself that as I grown up, it was about time that I bought a raincoat that a) fit and b) worked.  I’m now the proud possessor of a bright green paclite which does an excellent job of cheering up grey days and keeping me dry. It is still a little bit big for me, but only so that I can fit lots of layers underneath for cold days*, the smaller size looked admirably svelte but there’s enough of my mother in me to make concessions to practicality, and at least it was a deliberate plan not just the mistaken expectation that I’ll ‘grow into it’**.

Other thoughts from the day:

  1. I remembered that I agreed to do another half marathon next year.  Now I really do have to start running again.
  2. Actually, I need to do that anyway if I’m to have the legs for skiing – and climbing too so that I can remember how to balance
  3. I must admit to myself that I am spectacularly good at wasting time.  I’ve taken my working hours right down at the moment and yet I’m still not managing to accomplish all that much. Hmm.  Not something I can really put on my CV.
  4. the Eisbäre*** aren’t playing when LTN is coming to town, but he’s talked me into wanting to see them.  Is it allowable to go without him?
  5. I’m reading too many books at the moment.  This is my current reading list. It’s getting out of control.  But at least I’m not the only one with the problem
  6. To be scrupulously honest, this doesn’t even include the books which I have started but have been distracted from for a quite a while and therefore can’t really count as current.  I tried to love the Kite Runner, I really did but I only got about halfway through. Possibly because I suspect it’s all going to end in tears.
And now I’m late for Taco Tuesday. Dammit!  See, wasting time….

*not that I was smart enough to actually put all those layers on today so I shivered a lot. But I’m getting there!

**that never happened

*** ice hockey team, duh!