Buttery biscuit base

I can’t take credit for finding this, it was on the Guardian website, but I love it.  After 3 lessons back to back with the adorable but challenging school kids and one more pronunciation class to go, this has totally lightened my mood.

And it put me in mind of an old favourite kitchen breaks vid

yup, it’s silly Friday. Enjoy…


Best of Bella

I experienced a massive fail during Bella’s fantabulous visit.  I forgot my camera.  Twice!  I’ve carried it faithfully ever day since I’ve been here, but the minute I had a new visitor I forgot it.  This means I’ll mostly be relying on Bella for photomagraphs to show how fun it was introducing her to Berlin.

At this point I should also confess that I had two important missions for the visit overall.  Firstly to find lots of pugs for Bella to photograph:  this went relatively well, we didn’t see many but those that we did see were superbly entertaining.  Secondly to photograph her eating a sausage, true Berliner food, under instructions from folks at home: this remains incomplete and I’m ashamed. Next time, I’ll do better.

 However, I do have a few photos from day 2, all taken once we’d recovered from Friday night, thanks to the judicious application of cakes, juice, a good band and lots of sunshine.

The mission for Saturday afternoon:

 1.  Purchase fabulous new sunglasses, pose and pout.


2.  Appreciate the architecture around Gendarmenmarkt.


3.  Locate ice cream and consume with all speed.


We also managed to point at important buildings, and enjoy a rather lovely sky. Well done us.

Pop art photomajig

Inspired by the Warhol version of the eldery Frederick that hangs in the servants quarters of the Sausage Palace , I remembered an underused function on my camera that does fun things with colour.  There followed an orgy of ridiculous photo taking.  I say ridiculous, but I must confess that the results please me more than somewhat.  How’s that for a convoluted sentence?

What’s that?  You thought I’d shown you all the photos from the sausage palace already?  Fools…..