To illustrate a point

Over the weekend I spent a fair time poking round odd corners of the internet and got onto a bit of an illustration roll.  It all starts with the Byczek blog which showcased this absorbing video of title sequences.

You probably all know by now how much I love watching films, even if they are quite ridiculously squeak inducing in some cases.   Well the style of different pictures is a huge part of the allure for me – including title sequences.  Of course the Bond films are justifiably famous in this arena, but as you can see there’s much more gold out there than just Goldfinger.

Berlin, by the way, is a fairly hipster filled city.  I can’t quite work out if there are more here than in Londontown, some of the identifying features are muddled, but spotting them is a fun game to play.  On a hipster note, check out Japecake’s hipster crayons for a giggle.  Stay inside the lines people.

Wordle: Squeaks

Oooooh, and today I found this totally genius website for making pictures from words. My words. Pictures made of words = Happiness on the internet for nickys-that-squeak.  I can already see that I’ll play with this many times over, but for my first attempt
– in monochrome –
here is a wordle of my squeaks to date. Love…

Also, while we’re on the topic of cool things, I’m a little bit smitten by Moo.  Firstly, they’re called Moo, which is such a genius name for a company that I can’t work out why no-snaffled it before.  Secondly they have a simply brilliant idea – they print cunning business cards and things in that line, with the magic selling point being that you don’t have to have just one design, you can have many. So for creative types of people with short attention spans (me) it’s a godsend.  Plus their products look positively edible in their design gorgeousness.  Honestly I haven’t been this impressed with a company website since I fell head over heels with Getty Images in London. The website is slick and the business idea is perfectly formed in every way.  Currently I’m trying to dream up an excuse, and therefore the pictures to use, to create one of their shiny shiny stickerbooks.

But to finish where I began, I’ll come back to illustration.  While reading freshly pressed I accidentally fell over the rather wonderful Doodlemum and had a fun time wandering round her blog. I was particularly pleased with this post of this gorgeous pic because she references another squeaky little person. So I’ll leave you with a mermaid combing out her hair. Happy Monday folks.