Going up

I’m getting just a lot behind with this whole blogging business, for which I blame sunshine and fun stuff which takes place far from computers but involves taking many many photos which need some love and attention of the sorting kind before they can be shared with the world.  So until I get myself a wee bit more organised, I shall just tell you a short list of

things that made me happy this weekend:

  1. It was looong! Friday to Monday with my two favourite men.  Lovely.
  2. I got down and dirty in the garden.  Big Grizzly and I remodelled the pond area so that the paving round the edge can no longer tip the unwary in among the tadpoles (still some fat ones with little legs left, unbelievable!), and untangled and retied the wisteria on the front of the house so that it can twine it’s way back to regaining it’s former glory.  Gardening just makes me feel better all over, even if utterly exhausted by lifting lots of rocks and scaling rather tall ladders.
  3. Cooking for people I love.  Rhubarb crumble, chacaroni meese, salmon in pastry, baileys cheesecake and picnic food, and even the rayburn grudgingly cooperated!
  4. Motorbikes!  Sunshine not rain for the MotoGP at Silverstone (a treat from LTN) and much excitement over the epic race.  I couldn’t quite believe I was seeing the real people, but we even got truly close to some of them in the pits – I have photos to prove it!
  5. A perfect evening for a balloon flight.  Big Grizzly’s birthday present went amazingly well as we made it up into a gorgeous evening sky over Oxford on our first attempt. Some of the people in the basket had been trying to make it aloft for 2 years!  Lucky lucky us.

I think I quite like this one….somewhere above Oxfordshire in a big balloon

I have to confess though, I think when I start sorting photos I may end up enraged by all the muck on my sensor mucking up the photos. I don’t seem to be able to keep it clean, even though I only had it serviced recently and it’s kept in a camera bag.  I shall have to try and shift it with a puffer because I don’t have the cash for another service just yet! Any ideas for how to solve this?


What a magnificent organ…said the vicar

After the Wedding of the Year (Congratulations Mr & Mrs H!) LTN and I had a mooch around Arundel.  The castle was besieged as part of the jubbly celebrations so we didn’t go in, but we did pop into the church and found this rather luscious organ.

 I love the symmetry, I love the colours, I love the carving.  It’s just gorgeous.

I’m still hopeless on styles though, can anybody help me classify this?  Is it baroque?  Is it romantic?  Is it art nouveau/deco?  Any which way, it definitely makes me wish I could play the organ…

p.s. Sorry, I couldn’t resist the title.

Lizzy Stardust

A little bit more Queen for all you royalists and Bowie fans out there.  This beauty has just replaced a graff of some policemen on Park Row and I spotted it as we headed out excursioning on Saturday.  Determined not to be cheated of my shot we diverted back there on the way home and I snapped it.  Twould be better if I were taller, but tis still fab.

when a tiara just isn’t enough of a statement…

Angry Dave and Harry Blade

A rushed walk through Bristol and down the Christmas Steps gave me a burst of nostalgia and some happy moments admiring lettering on a barbershop.  It didn’t get me to the shops before they closed but that’s another matter.  I long to know who Angry Dave is, and why he’s so angry.   Is an angry barber a good thing or is it just a little bit too Sweeny Todd?

If I saw a cutthroat razor in this establishment, I think I’d probably run screaming.  Although I suppose it’s unlikely that I would be getting shave, being of the female persuasion.  It’s probably frequented by the upper echelons of the Bristol mob, sporting leather jackets and lavishly pomaded hair, getting the smoothest of shaves from Harry Blade.

And no, I don’t know what pomade actually is.  I’m not sure anyone does, it’s a mystery.  But since I’m on gilded windows, let me share this one too, from a day mooching in Wantage when LTN was still needing chauffeuseing (made up word, does it work?).   Cobbler. Snoblock.  Marvellous.  I got spotted snapping this, but twas definitely worth it.

Who can tell?

I can never remember which is deco and which is nouveau.  Art that is, architecturally or antiques wise.  I know this much: one is geometrical and the other is all about nature and curves; both of these definitely tick all my boxes so overall I like both.

brightening up a cloudy day in Islington

think this gorgeous old building is art deco.  Whatever, it’s beautiful and I loves it, I does.