Words in cardboard and neon, the people just hurrying by

I had a lovely afternoon of catch ups with a couple of my girls yesterday, absolutely what the doctor ordered.  I felt so much more cheerful and normal afterwards.

But before I saw the lovely Li and Bella I had to accomplish some challenges in London and I discovered that I muchly out of practice.  I walked much further than I needed to because I’d forgotten where useful shops were.  Plus my decisive faculties were seriously impaired by trying to work out where I was and what I was doing so even when I got into sales emporiums I struggled with making purchases.  But I got everything ticked off the list, in a fashion.

What’s more, turning the wrong way out of Bond street led me to Selfridges and it’s funky windows, which were full of words.  People were walking by in a bustle, paying little attention, but I snuck in some photos to share with you.

and finally, from Soho – some strangely life appropriate neon


Neon and smiles too


A few more neon words for you. I might have already mentioned that I like words. A lot. I like art with words in too. As I’m not much of an artist myself I can’t create the wonderful scripts/word pictures/… I admire so much from others but I can take photos of words. In neon is nice. Messages from around Berlin, maybe?

in honour of Alex - looking after me in Berlin

shop under construction near Alex (also had RUG)

very posh lingerie shop near Alex

outside the opera

and here is another smiley song. This lady has the best dimples ever, and I covet her umbrella almost as much as I have coveted the Steve McQueen umbrella, the Rossi umbrella, the see through umbrella with dangling strips of bubble wrap that was the most genius jellyfish costume I have ever seen. And I don’t even like umbrellas. Or jellyfish. Inconistency thy name is woman…