Doing motion, it’s very positive

Lessons I have learnt recently #1.  Check which airport your hotly anticipated guest is flying into.  Otherwise you run a high risk of standing in the wrong place while your longed for visitor waits patiently on the other side of town.

Yes, I did this to Miss Tea.  I am thoroughly ashamed by my lack of hostessing skills, but even more impressed by Tea’s triumph in the face of adversity.  Give that girl a sausage.

Saturday kicked off with a würst, coffee and küchen breakfast from the market.  As you can see we were treated to epic sunshine for the bank holiday weekend so we did our best to get out and make the most of it. We took ourselves to Mitte for a tourist type wander and certainly weren’t the only ones to be enjoying the day.

After working our way over to the Brandenburger Tor we discovered everything getting ready for the Tag der Deutschen Einheit.  A man in tails was singing bouncy music and there were many stalls with food and drinks.  We were going to buy some cool refreshing water but noticed a Capirinha airstream trailer and decided to go for cool refreshing cocktails instead.  And we had a little dance on the way to Tiergarten.  So, to get a full sense of the afternoon you need the music. Thus, I give you Placido Domingo with one of the tunes we heard:

No sooner had we entered the park than Tea’s sharp photography eye spotted a local (possibly) doing motion on a bike and started catching some snaps.  Pro.  She also pointed out that alongside the large helpings of rum and sugar, our drinks also contained 1 of our 5-a-day fruit helpings in the shape of lime.  All very positive.

But I’ve suddenly realised that this post is getting somewhat long and it’s way past my bedtime, so I shall leave you here and come back tomorrow with more words and pictures.  Küsschen xx


Face the wall

I got my first private clients recently, they’re really lovely people.  They’re off in a part of Berlin I haven’t visited before, which is always exciting.  I go past the Natural History Museum stop to get to them, which makes me think that a) the NHM in London should in fact have it’s own stop and b) I love the NHM in London and c) I really should go to the one in Berlin.  Also I should work harder to convince LTN that he wants to move to Oxford* because the NHM there has Pitt Rivers in the basement and Pitt Rivers has a shrunken head collection, and that’s cool.

Anyway, as I was finding my way to them for the first time, I saw this.  A not at all shrunken head which is pretty fr’ckn amazing.  I’m impressed.  Anyone know who it’s by?

*not really, it’s his decision and I’m not hassling.  Honest.


Light on the water

One day several weeks ago I took the slow route home past Museum Insel and the river.  The light on the water made some excellent geometric shapes and wiggly lines

I did get a little irate because a cheeky woman followed me down the path and kept tiefing my shots.

Bad form.  But then I decided that I was being silly and just kept on enjoying myself

and in the end I like my pictures, so it’s all good.