At this very moment, I love Berlin (note I started writing this when I got home last night and didn’t finish, so the time references are a little off, sorry!)  I’ve been sitting in a bar, with a totally fab girl who is just like my girlfriends at home, putting the world to rights.  We planned at the last minute, we met and drank red wine, and had a totally charming bar man looking after us.  So it seems that the secret to feeling that I belong in Berlin is just to go out more.

I got back here at midnight on Tuesday, talked to LTN and finally went to sleep until work. So far, so normal. But last night and tonight I ditched sensibleness (and dinner) and went to bars with congenial folks – and felt at home. Et voila.  In all honesty, maybe it helps that all three of my lessons went well today and I managed banter with some of the other teachers.   This may well be the case.   Still, I recommend dancing down the pavement to the Strokes’ Is this it? album on a Thursday night and feeling that all is right with the world.

Maybe it’s all in the preparation?  As you’ve probably seen, I did have a lovely weekend at home.  Sunday was the best fun I’ve had for ages, with some of my most favourite people.  We had a celebration of my sister’s birthday and chartership, she’s a clever sausage.  After a lovely lunch we went to Cliveden, a nearby National Trust house and gardens, and enjoyed spring.  I don’t seem to have the words today so here are the pictures…