Lick it

Happy Easter everyone. Today I have watched lambs frolic, run like a crazy thing all arms and legs flailing down a hill, admired the first haze of blue in the bluebell woods, started spring cleaning, emptied a greenhouse, planted some survivors, had a chocolate fight and shared lots of hugs. A good Good Friday.

So it seems an apposite day to draw your attention to Citizens for Optimism, some groovy folk who think good design can inspire happiness.  Like it.

Design by Leen Sadder

This was brought to my attention by Little Commas, as writer who designs and a designer who writes, or maybe t’other way aboot.  Anyway, Lil C wrote a sweet enough post to get freshly pressed (not jealous, not at all) and not only did I enjoy visiting her blog, I also loved the Citizens themselves.  Check them out, all the posters are lush. Lick them.


the dangers of getting exactly what you ask for

Jammy.  Me.  I have four, count’em, four bars of Green and Black’s chocolate.  Rapidly diminishing admittedly, but very much here right now.  Shortly I’ll be hiding them from myself in secret places around my room so that I don’t lose all self control and scoff them all at once.  The inroads I have made into the milk chocolate & caramel tonight are quite frightening.  The dangers of having four bars of deliciousness close at hand must be immediately apparent to you all.

This cocoa bounty comes from LTN, who definitely gets a gold star this time.  Having offered to bring me chocolate, he was denied any guidance more useful than “you know what I like”, and yet managed to bring me perfection. Sometimes you don’t know what you want, but you get it exactly.  This is one of those times.  I’m not saying that Green & Black’s are my favourite chocolate purveyors in the world (I’d find it extremely difficult to limit myself because there’s so much lovely stuff out there) but these bars are tastygood and as a care package they’re right up there with the best.  Which is to say, he managed to get me exactly what I didn’t quite know what to ask for.  Hero.

We even managed to pose for more silly photos.  Some good work here but still more to be done.  Photo 1= not my best.