The three wise monkeys have had a makeover

Political comment or just purple monkeys?  Either way I think they’re fabulous.

While I was in Berlin I often thought how much it reminded me of Brizzle.  Painted houses, a buzzing music scene, and a strong streak of street art.  In Berlin it was maybe a bit more widely dispersed, and Banksy didn’t reign quite so supreme, but both cities are fun to wander around with a camera at the ready.  Take a walk. Open your eyes.  Enjoy.

Just remember: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.  That’s what the wise monkeys say.


Tell it to the birds

These two are on a pillar in the same cluster in Brizzle as I’ve been showing you already.  I love how different they are, but linked by the birds.








And while I’m on birds, I was introduced to a fabulous illustrator by the lovely blogger Bryanna on The Heart of Art, and I’m grateful to her. The illustrations are graphic and clean and right up my street.  Gorgeousness….stop by Brynna’s blog for more images

Heart of Art’s featured artist - illustrator Charley Harper

Do you see them, the faces on the walls?

For a day which went mostly not to plan, Thursday gave me some excellent moments.  We had a lovely Grizzly visit (thank you for the wine and mini eggs, all gone now) and then I got dropped into town for some shop related chores.  I wasn’t expecting to find a corner of Brizzle all covered in paint, but that’s exactly what I stumbled into just after I jumped from the car.  It may have delayed me more than a little, but I now have lots of gert lush lush photies for you.

are they happy?

loving the eyebrow and eyelashes

I see you, do you see me?

more of this soon x