Lizzy Stardust

A little bit more Queen for all you royalists and Bowie fans out there.  This beauty has just replaced a graff of some policemen on Park Row and I spotted it as we headed out excursioning on Saturday.  Determined not to be cheated of my shot we diverted back there on the way home and I snapped it.  Twould be better if I were taller, but tis still fab.

when a tiara just isn’t enough of a statement…


Lovely jubbly

A we were heading off to Bath t’other night I did behold a wond’rous sight.

image from Knitiffi – click to link

The ever serious statue of Queen Victoria on the edge of College Green had been decked in a sumptuous knitted robe and looked cosy and festive despite the greyness of the day.

Some excited squeaking followed but unfortunately we were late and traffic pressed so I wasn’t able to jump out and photograph it.  I hate spotting good photo ops from a moving car…

It gets worse…when I came back on Saturday, she was all undressed.  Very undignified, and what’s more, still no photos for me.

Surely, surely, someone else must have appreciated the sight enough to take some picachures and share them with the world.

another Knitiffi pic

So, of course, I asked t’interweb for help and discovered that it was the most excellent work of Knitiffi, a collection of Knit artist out the make the world a brighter, happier place.  Mission accomplished, in my view.

Do check out their blog and see more of their good work.

I’ll be back soon with more queen related goodness, a bit more knitting and a whole lot of plants.  I’ve been hoarding instead of blogging lately, but I’ll try to fix that.  Night kids x

Spiraling out of control

It’s been all quiet on the blog front lately.  I have photos piling up unsorted, zoo visits unchronicled, and thoughts unfocused.  That’s the thing you see, there has to be the right sort of focus or it all just gets a little bit out of control.

love the mad man with hearts in his eyes

Recently I’ve been trying to focus on the jobhunting thing.  Calling it just ‘the thing’ could be misleading.  At the very least it should have capitals to give a sense of scale and significance, and maybe italics too: The Thing looms over my days like the rain clouds that have been all too prevalent in the last week, and the sad fact is, I’m rubbish at it.  Give me a job and I’ll do a darn fine job of it, but ask me to find a new one and I’ll probably struggle.

The trouble is, I’m letting it get me down.  I’m letting it stop me phoning my friends, because I don’t have a cheerful answer to ‘how’s the job hunt going’, and I’m letting it make me grumpier than I ought to be with LTN (which, for the record, is not at all).

So, a resolution has been passed.  I shall snatch back my usual optimism, I shall enjoy my wonderful cheering squad, and I shall dance naked in the rain.  But when it comes to resolutions you’ve got to be realistic, so I’ll be aiming for 2 out of 3 of those and calling it a job well done.

Watch this space for the pictures I’ve been hoarding and stories of milkshake, rainbows and seedlings on my windowsill.  It’s onwards and upwards from here on in.

Stop riding that penguin, we’re leaving

We went to the zoo again today – after two highly random days of driving, garden sunshine, Big Grizzly catch up time and CV grottage – and had much fun taking far too many pictures of animals that we didn’t take pictures of the other day. Chief among these were the penguins, seals and meerkats.   Penguins are much beloved by LTN for their comedy stylings, so darlin’, this one’s for you.

- from DENY Designs by Nathan Ripperger

Courtesy of who have a whole lovely post in this vein, click on the penguin to see more.

And before I go, I must just say, Bristol Zoo is getting serious points for babies at the moment. Two month old meerkats are so sweet it’s crazy tempting to grab one and put it in your pocket to take home.  Not so easy with a wee gorilla.  On the other hand, those li’l kats move like greased lightning and apparently have pointy small teeth so it’s probably for the best that they stay with their family.

Holding out for a hero with blue lamposts

More Brizzle graffitti but this time it’s reverse stylie, and on the cop shop no less.

Police? No, we're holding out for a hero

It’s all a bit hippy centric, and I loves it.  Knuckle tattoos ‘LOVE’ and ‘MORE LOVE’? Birds and flowers? Genius.

blue lamposts of love

There were several flocks of birds on the wall, but I particularly like the composition of this, with the hooded man just leaving the frame. He seems sad…

let your worries fly away like birds

I can’t decide if I like the outline or silhouettes best, but I think it works brilliantly.

someone should be very proud