Reverse Rainbow Bookish Ted

Over the last few days I’ve been guided by Freshly Pressed towards some fun posts from other bloggers.  My visit to the Inspirational Geek’s blog started a couple of days ago with Reverse Graffiti, because I was intrigued by this street art which adds up to more than what it takes away.  And by the city’s reaction to his cleaning.  I then trawled through a few more of his posts, and was completely smitten by this Robo Rainbow.  I know so many boys, and a few girls, who I think will find this technical play intensely pleasing (video from Vimeo)

Today I read A Bookish Family, and the author’s experience of a bookcentric life tallies very closely with my own.  I have many recent examples of this affliction/addiction/gift of bookwormishness:

  1. for both of LTN’s visits he has sweetly brought me care packages tailored to my outrageous demands. In descending order of importance these included: himself, books, chocolate, makeup (yes, I’m a little ashamed of the last one, but in Berlin it’s apparently impossible to get make up for palefaces like myself, everything affordable on offer here makes me look like I’ve smeared mud on my face)
  2. leaving Clare’s flat I ‘accidentally’ stole a book which I then read in a day but have yet to return (I have confessed and it will go back eventually – to be swapped for another)
  3. for my impending visit home I have purchased a book in German for my sister, on her explicit orders
  4. I have also planned a list of books to bring back to Germany with me, space in the suitcase allowing
  5. no fewer than 3 people have already found it necessary to point me (unprompted) in the direction of 2nd hand English language bookshops (Joy!)

I’ve also been reminded of the wonder that is TED.  I can spend hours and hours browsing around TED, learning, being entertained, being just plain fascinated.  There’s some amazing stuff on their, and I would be astounded if anyone were to claim that they couldn’t find even one thing that is relevant/interesting to them or their life.  I just watched this quite amazing talk about language learning and more, with quite stunning data analysis:



Here endeth the 2nd weekend of moving in Berlin.  Thanks once again are due to the strong arms and endless patience of the much tried LTN.  Not only did he help me carry everything across Berlin again (and somehow my meagre belongings keep growing into more bags but I don’t really have anything here, I just don’t understand it) but he also took me to IKEA, twice!    Honestly, this deserves a medal.  I am not good at IKEA.  It has many things that I’m not good with: a confusing layout with evil intent, too many people, too much choice.

I must say that he handled several potential nervous breakdowns with much aplomb and we managed to equip the new room with some stylish essentials so that I feel quite happy with what I’ve got, even if the bigness of the room is somewhat unfilled.  Maybe this is my year for minimalism.

In other news, I have more strange classes to look forward to for next week – some 1 on 1’s.  Alarming, but hopefully they’ll turn out to not be too scary.  I’m also going to get a haircut, finally!  That’s more money I don’t have, but since I look like a scarecrow with surprisingly long hair, I think it’s time for a tidy.

Plus, I’m looking forward to coming home and seeing everyone.  Really can’t wait!

And because I just read it, I need to quickly mention one blog I particularly enjoy following –  the Yarn Harlot.  There are many things to be said in this wonderful woman’s favour.

  1. Best blog name ever.  Harlot is a brilliant word, and yarn harlot just sums up so beautifully the wanton relationship addicts have with all things knit related.
  2. She knits ridiculously well.  For example, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able (skill/patience) to make socks as beautiful as these. (her picture right). Bear in mind that I’ve never made even a single sock and you begin to get the idea…
  3. I love the way she writes.  Even if I weren’t interested in her knitting skills I’d probably follow her anyway just because she’s so very entertaining, whether discussing triumphs or tribulations it’s always witty, gently poking fun at herself and her foibles…
  4. …she hoards, she starts too many projects at once, she gives herself impossible deadlines and is astounded if she meets them/not so much if not.  She seems to particularly enjoy making things for her family, but also has projects simply for the love of the wool/pattern/both.
  5. She reminds me of myself and my Mum for all those reasons.
  6. She always puts nice pictures of her projects into the blog, and it’s pretty inspiring.  I think I need to start planning my next project, somewhat limited by the fact that I only have the left over wool from LTN’s hat here, and the needles from the same project. Hmm…

tired now and must get up to lesson plan betimes in the morn.  Goodnight and sweet dreams x