Best of Bella

I experienced a massive fail during Bella’s fantabulous visit.  I forgot my camera.  Twice!  I’ve carried it faithfully ever day since I’ve been here, but the minute I had a new visitor I forgot it.  This means I’ll mostly be relying on Bella for photomagraphs to show how fun it was introducing her to Berlin.

At this point I should also confess that I had two important missions for the visit overall.  Firstly to find lots of pugs for Bella to photograph:  this went relatively well, we didn’t see many but those that we did see were superbly entertaining.  Secondly to photograph her eating a sausage, true Berliner food, under instructions from folks at home: this remains incomplete and I’m ashamed. Next time, I’ll do better.

 However, I do have a few photos from day 2, all taken once we’d recovered from Friday night, thanks to the judicious application of cakes, juice, a good band and lots of sunshine.

The mission for Saturday afternoon:

 1.  Purchase fabulous new sunglasses, pose and pout.


2.  Appreciate the architecture around Gendarmenmarkt.


3.  Locate ice cream and consume with all speed.


We also managed to point at important buildings, and enjoy a rather lovely sky. Well done us.


Long day and a lovely surprise

I left the house at 6.13 today, and returned at 10pm.  Tha’s a 16 hour day near as dammit, which might explain why I’m feeling like a wet dishcloth, wrung out.

But when I got home there was a lovely surprise waiting for me, a card from Li.  Thank you Lovely Li, it’s beautiful and made me smile very much indeed.  I can’t wait to see you and celebrate our birthdays.

On the other hand, home is mildly irritating at the moment because my main light has suddenly decided to be all shy.  Why it couldn’t do this when there was a tall man around to try changing the bulb/working out what’s going on I have no idea, but I’m a bit flummoxed because the ceilings here are everso tall and there’s no way I can reach it.  I wouldn’t mind so much if Bella weren’t coming, but it’s very inconvenient.  I don’t think it’s as simple as a blown bulb, because it flirted on and off for a while, then got all bashful and went away, was ok the next morning but is now completely gone gone.  Bah.  It wires it dangles from make me most suspishious so I might try to get someone else to fix it….

Funnily enough, my rooms a bit darker in more than one way at the moment, since the rather brilliant LTN helped me fix up another layer of curtain to stop a tiny bit of the light from coming in.  I now have a curtain for more dark, and a curtain for less dark.  It’s genius.  Well done that man.

Priorities and puddles

  1. I was just about to start loading up photos for your entertainment
  2. Then I realised that I need to get up at about 5.40 tomorrow to give myself loads of time to get to my new company class which starts at 7.30.
  3. That means tomorrow I’m teaching 5 lessons between 7.30 am and 8.40 pm
  4. I’m already tired, I should go to sleep now
  5. Still here! I need to get my priorities sorted…
  6. I may end up in a puddle on the floor tomorrow
  7. That might be because of the rain, or exhaustion
  8. I’m still ridiculously excited about Bella time this weekend
  9. Photos and anecdotes about the rather splendid LTN visit will have to wait
  10. Oh go on then, have one
G’night folks, love you all