Deceptively simple looking pleasures

Or How much practice must that have taken?

Ah, revisiting old yet amazing music videos, such a simple pleasure.  Last 10 minutes of lunch hour well spent, methinks.  Olol, these are for you…

oh and btw?  It’s a Rube Goldberg Machine. 

vids from the OK GO website


in which I think many thoughts to little purpose

Blogger’s block.  When you’ve got nothing to say or when you’ve got lots of random noticings that don’t really add up?


the wild cherry trees are blooming and they’re beautiful but slightly witchy looking

self-sown darkest black purple hellebores in the garden of an unoccupied house get my fingers twitching for a trowel wielded in a midnight foray of botanical reappropriation

you never have the right colour thread when you need it for mending, despite having drawer fulls of many spools of varied hues

I may admire minimalism but it conflicts with my desire to do things like mending, or sewing or having plants and books surrounding me and so I keep having to admit to myself that I’m just not good at it

the strangest things can suddenly remind you of someone you loved, and it’s ok to ask for a hug when you need it

you probably already know this song but it’s been going round in my head for days and the video is wonderful so if you haven’t seen it I hope you’ll enjoy


Serendipity at twilight

We seem to have hit a groove of taking a wander at dusk these last few days. Admittedly there has been mooching in the sunshine and feeding swans (those dudes are scary when they have a tesco bag full of bread in view) but also some rather serendipitous planetry alignment spotting.   Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are following the sun down to bed and thusly ar beautifully bright as the sky shades to deepest blue.  According to the magic phone of LTN you can also see Mars  (in the early morning sky says Time),and Uranus and Neptune are about as well but we haven’t been able to see them because they’re too faint.

I recommend going out and gazing upwards so here is your prescribed soundtrack.  I’ve been singing it since we admired the whole of the moon clearly visible behind the slender crescent of the shinyness.  Yes people, it’s lovely out there.

this is The Whole of the Moon by the Waterboys.  Sorry for not including the information before x


Yesterday was a mix of things: a personal fail, an out of context confusion creation, two good catch ups, a tastygood sandwich, a friend and dress bonus, and a lurgy attack.  On reflection I think it’s a win.  Very lovely to see Miss Tea, Babycham and extra exciting to see Bella and pick up the Dress which has a seriously good twirly function plus being absolutely my favourite colour to wear.  I’m slightly ashamed that I forgot the ski socks for Tea since they were in fact the prompt for the visit, and I’m sad that DananAnne have got the lurgy but I hope that they get well soon and we can rearrange le plan.

Today the exciting news is: I’ve booked tickets for a gigalicious evening in Brizzle in May  when a most excellent friend of Bella’s from Nottingham Uni is going to be the supporting act.  More on the official headliner tomorrow because I’m excited about that too….. but for now have a little boogie to the rather fabulous Jake Morley (

I particularly like that song but you might like another one too.  Never say I don’t treat you!



no, I haven’t built a snowman

Last week I opened the curtains of my hotel room in France and thought ‘oh look, it’s sno -ohhhhh’.  My usual feelings of wonder and delight about the white stuff were brought crashing down by the realisation that it might just get in the way of my long awaited flight back home with LTN. Could little planes fly in thick falling snow?  Was Grenoble as good at clearing it’s runways and roads as it did oughta be?  I had no idea.  Luckily LTN knows planes and followed up his ‘don’t look out of the window, it might just spoil your day’ text with a more reassuring ‘don’t worry, it’ll all be on instruments, they’ll be fine’.  Which they were and we got home in some style thanks to lady pilot Jane.  LTN was even allowed to sit up and look out of the windows and watch the dials do the their things, which satisfied his pilot heart a little bit, although he was grumpy that he didn’t get to borrow a headset and listen to all the chat.

And so, we’re back in the UK and most grateful for it, though we can’t speak highly enough of the hospital and staff in Grenoble – and maybe miss our strange little ‘family’ there just un petit peu.  We’re now camping out at his parents’ as their house is more suitable for his current mobility levels than our Brizzle home, so on Saturday I did a run down there with double Dads (mine and his) to pick up cars and all the other nonsense we need for achieving a semblance of normality.

It started to snow on the way back up in my roaring and rattly little workhorse of a car and then dumped a whole lot more during the evening.  Gorgeous, beautiful, fun to play in, but it’s effectively trapped LTN in the house since we don’t want him falling from his great height and opening the beautifully healing zip in his back or owt like that.  Somehow it just doesn’t seem so appealing to play in the snow with him sitting at home.

And all this means that I’m trying to remember just how much I usually love England in the snow……….this helps:

taking the P out of plans

I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that I just shouldn’t try to plan. It doesn’t suit me, and it usually goes wrong.  And there’s just so much that you can’t plan for – so what’s the point of agonising for months over something and then having to start all over again when things change?  Why not just say One – Two – Three and take a running jump, see where you land and start walking….

Why the introspection?  After deciding to come home to England to be with my lovely LTN we went on a fantastic French holiday to do le ski and le snowboard.  The weather was fantastic, the company epic, the going good – and then the mountain tripped us up and hit us hard.  Or rather it hit LTN hard and so my poor boy has been in hospital for the last week and a half, laid mostly on his back while they found time for him to have bits of metal put in it to mend the broken vertebrae.  It’s going to be ok, he’s walking again now and is being a total hero through all the pain and waiting and wondering what’s going to happen – but it has rather thrown our ‘plans’ into a loop the loop.  So, we’ll just be waiting and seeing and working it out as we go along. 

In the meantime, there are beautiful songs like this one, a long time pleasure

Neon and smiles too


A few more neon words for you. I might have already mentioned that I like words. A lot. I like art with words in too. As I’m not much of an artist myself I can’t create the wonderful scripts/word pictures/… I admire so much from others but I can take photos of words. In neon is nice. Messages from around Berlin, maybe?

in honour of Alex - looking after me in Berlin

shop under construction near Alex (also had RUG)

very posh lingerie shop near Alex

outside the opera

and here is another smiley song. This lady has the best dimples ever, and I covet her umbrella almost as much as I have coveted the Steve McQueen umbrella, the Rossi umbrella, the see through umbrella with dangling strips of bubble wrap that was the most genius jellyfish costume I have ever seen. And I don’t even like umbrellas. Or jellyfish. Inconistency thy name is woman…