About the squeaker

Think of this as a series of letters to the void.  In January 2011 I took a flying jump into the unknown and I still don’t quite know where I’m going to land.  For most of the year I hovered over Berlin,  exploring the thermals and trying to remember 10-year-old German language skills. I drank too much coffee and got lost in the side streets of the city and if I managed to put all that into words and pictures for you out there, then I’m onto a winner – if you’re reading this, I hope you enjoy.

I’m now back in the UK, trying to readjust to being ‘home’.  The future is as yet uncertain, so I’ll keep squeaking and see what happens.  This page will keep getting updated I think…

By the way, yes I did take the skyline picture.  It’s the header for my site, of course it’s my own work.

But to address the important questions: Who is Nicky and why does she squeak?  Well, answers to that are many and varied, and only some of them are printable. Still, I’ve come to the conclusion that most people deem my ludicrous squeakiness endlessly amusing – they seek ever more elaborate ways to make me jump, get angry or get me over-excited, just to see how high the squeaks can go; daft really when all it takes is to creep up behind me and say boo…

So, when I first thought about blogging and was lost for a name, all these kindly friends rallied round.  Wikileaks was hitting the news almost every day so my proto blog could only be called one thing:


Odd though, for some strange reason I couldn’t quite learn to love it.  Did I really want to be writing Nikileaks every day?  It sounded almost like….yeah, there you go.  Maybe not.  And yet, and yet, there’s something there.  The assonance was too good to waste.  Then finally, finally, yet another person commented on my squeak – and thus the name was born.  Nickysqueaks are rapidly becoming integral to my life although a regular posting schedule has yet to be established.  Days without posts are not to be cried over, it won’t have been a wasted day.  To quote e.e. cummings:

the most wasted of all days is one without laughter

and I don’t have many of them so, above all,  I hope the squeaks make you smile. Tschüß.


4 thoughts on “About the squeaker

  1. It looks like you’re making the most of your flying leap into the unknown! How exciting to remember and put to use old language skills. I hope you have fun exploring and getting lost in the streets of Berlin and elsewhere. L

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