Continue to talk about happy things

Good afternoon lovely people, if you’re still with me I thank you, tis more than I deserve.  Lately I have been making life far far more complicated than perhaps it needs to be, with a lot of important changes/stuff going on, in my life situation and in my mind.  Getting to grips with everything is proving harder than I expected, which I find strangely amusing given that I’ve done/lived through some tough things in the last few years and all of this shouldn’t really be challenging me so much.  Anyhoo, if you haven’t heard already, the good news is that the lovely people at my temp job have decided to keep me as a real person, with actual money and plenty of interesting stuff to do.  I move over to contract in a few weeks (eek, better sign it!) and am looking forward to that bit more stability. 

From the blog of artist Lisa Congdon, check it out, she’s amazing (thanks Michelle, you show me all the best stuff)

So now I need to have a cup of tea, clear some of the clutter out of my brain, straighten a few pictures, and tidy the mountains of randomness that I’ve been building around me, so that I can relax, enjoy and stop having meltdowns at people who really don’t need that right now.  I’ve had a fantastic last few weeks of friends and fun stuff that I can’t wait to tell you about, plus the ongoing backlog of photos to share.  So here it is, a new leaf, I’m turning it.  Hope to see you back here soon!


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