Go outside

We took lunch out to the Downs today because we were lucky enough to both be working from home (I had a meeting in town).  It was sunny enough to be like a little holiday, which was lucky because neither of us is very good at planning real holidays so we’re in theory two weeks away from hoping for sunshine in the Lakes and have booked neither a cottage nor time off work.

I’ve a job application to write and rather a lot of cleaning and organamising to do so I stiiiiiill haven’t sorted through any of the several million recent photographs so I will share with you instead another lovely nugget of advice from Wendy MacNaughton

There’s hope yet that I may get myself sorted because the tall one is buggering off for a few days so I could potentially manage to be a tiny bit more productive.  I hope so, my to-do list is getting wee bit out of control….


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