What a magnificent organ…said the vicar

After the Wedding of the Year (Congratulations Mr & Mrs H!) LTN and I had a mooch around Arundel.  The castle was besieged as part of the jubbly celebrations so we didn’t go in, but we did pop into the church and found this rather luscious organ.

 I love the symmetry, I love the colours, I love the carving.  It’s just gorgeous.

I’m still hopeless on styles though, can anybody help me classify this?  Is it baroque?  Is it romantic?  Is it art nouveau/deco?  Any which way, it definitely makes me wish I could play the organ…

p.s. Sorry, I couldn’t resist the title.


4 thoughts on “What a magnificent organ…said the vicar

    • It’s crazy gorgeous isn’t it. Some Duke or other lived in the castle so maybe he gave money for the organ. Totally worth it whoever paid, I still haven’t got over it! x

  1. Don’t know the style of the organ but the church is probably RC as it is the Duke of Norfolk who owns the castle, always better decoration in a catholic church

    • actually I think the church is anglican and the chapel on the end is rc. Looked gorgeous but we could only look through a screen because it was part of the castle tour!

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