Rope swing rediscovered

Sunshine makes all the difference for a lovely weekend, doesn’t it?  For the last couple of Saturdays we’ve had amazing leisurely and luxurious brunches which I’ve enjoyed immensely, and a wonderful flying visit to London for time with some of my best girls, but this weekend brought frisbee, pimms, a barbecue and sunlit walks in woodland….and a swing!

pointing your toes doesn’t actually make you go faster

We saw kids playing with a tyre swing and I was a tiny bit jealous, and then we found this rope swing I had to try it out.  Nearly 29 and not even slightly grown up yet.  And I’m not alone, the broken one had a go too…

going for the action shot, I may have missed a few essentials like face and toes

It was overlooking a really gorgeous pond which used to belong to the abbots so that they could have fish for their supper.

lily and the beech

It’s full of lilies and midges and surrounded by beech trees in acid green spring growth. LTN kept trying to tell me that it’s nearly summer, but as far as the trees are concerned I think it’s still spring.  There were some seriously gorgeous trees.

sunburst and green

We meandered happily through trees and meadows, exploring old camps, admiring bluebells and unfurling ferns, and generally being silly.  Just before we got back to the car we found an old orchard filled with fuzzy faced sheep and well managed mossy trees glowing in the last of the sun.

ordered rows of the orchard, whispering to the sheep

It was a good day.


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