All the things I overthink

This venn diagram pretty much sums up my existence!

To Do by Wendy Macnaughton

Wendy Macnaughton‘s blog has a lot of witty and wonderful art, but this wins hands down for me.  I’m writing an application for a job I really quite want at the moment, and doing my usual procrastination because actually working on it means getting closer to the point at which I might get rejected, or fail.  It’s not particularly useful so I’m fighting it hard and making some progress, aided by my lovely big Sis.

I have, however, also accidentally done some serious cleaning and soon I’ll start cooking supper for friends; both of these are productive in their own way but don’t get me closer to finishing this application off by my own deadline – tomorrow, so that I can get on with things I want to do, like running, lazy breakfasts, going to a gig and having a girly catch up on Sunday.

I have to tell you, the catch up is definitely the most exciting thing in the world at this moment.  Best girl Miss Cee is coming back from Amerryca on a surprise visit for her birthday so we’re meeting up with Miss Tea for lunch, cakes, wine, gossip and giggles. I can’t wait!  No really, I can’t wait. Why isn’t it Sunday yet?



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