First official ice cream of the year

On the day of the first official ice cream (1/4/2012) we were visiting Clevedon, walking by the sea and admiring the pier.  It was chilly but bright enough to be warm in the sunshine and the water was very calm.

As we headed back towards the car we argued over the rival merits of two potential ice cream vendors.  LTN pointed out that scoops of clotted creamy fruity goodness ought to win over a 99 any day of the week.  And besides, he said, he doesn’t really like flakes (!!?!?!?!).   My contention was that for a first official ice cream, the only proper purchase is from an ice cream van.  So, after some discussion we made like grown ups and got one of each and, though it pains me to admit it,  his was quite scrumptious.  Still, mine was more official and more quintessentially an outside ice cream, which is what the first ice cream of the year is all about, so I think that overall I win.  That’s alright then.



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