Stop riding that penguin, we’re leaving

We went to the zoo again today – after two highly random days of driving, garden sunshine, Big Grizzly catch up time and CV grottage – and had much fun taking far too many pictures of animals that we didn’t take pictures of the other day. Chief among these were the penguins, seals and meerkats.   Penguins are much beloved by LTN for their comedy stylings, so darlin’, this one’s for you.

- from DENY Designs by Nathan Ripperger

Courtesy of who have a whole lovely post in this vein, click on the penguin to see more.

And before I go, I must just say, Bristol Zoo is getting serious points for babies at the moment. Two month old meerkats are so sweet it’s crazy tempting to grab one and put it in your pocket to take home.  Not so easy with a wee gorilla.  On the other hand, those li’l kats move like greased lightning and apparently have pointy small teeth so it’s probably for the best that they stay with their family.


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