To love – a gorilla

This is Jock, who is a couple of years younger than me but a good deal more impressive, and a lot heavier – weighing in at about 34 stone.  

We went to visit him and the other gorillas at Bristol Zoo today because there is an irresistable attraction.  A baby!  Here he is with Mama Salome, who has lived at the zoo for a while.  She looks very calm about everything, but of course the star of the show is the little’un.

His name is Kukeña, which means ‘to love’.  He’s unutterably gorgeous and as you can see, has a habit of sticking his bum in the air.  I’m smitten.

I was well prepared for a zoo visit today, basking in the sunshine and carrying my longer lens. So lovely to be able to snap away at such a diminutive star.

I look forward to visiting him often and often.  My most excellent boyfriend LTN made the inspired suggestion that we get annual membership so that we can see him grow up.  Genius.

This could even make up for the decided absence of a puppy!


3 thoughts on “To love – a gorilla

  1. I have major puppy fever right now, so maybe a trip to the zoo is just what I need. Love that you got zoo passes!

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