It’s all just a balancing act

hold my hand and we're half way there

We’re nearly two weeks into take 2 of moving in together.  Sort of.  It’s still a share house but the ‘bachelors’ (all very loved up in truth) are tolerant of the girl so it’s a sweet share.  Plus it’s a bit cleaner around here than it was a few days ago.  Once I get my cleaning sorting groove on I mostly keep going until I’m done, it’s strangely therapeutic and I definitely needed to work some residual scratchiness out of my system.  Luckily there’s a lot to be done so I’m getting lot of cheap therapy.

And I have rediscovered something about myself .  I genuinely hate it when I lose stuff.  It’s bad enough when I can figure out roughly where and when I lost it, but when I can’t it nags and nags at me.  DIsastrously, the main lost thing at the moment is LTN’s library card, so I have no new books.  Plus I’m normally very careful with precious things like library cards so I just can’t work it out and it is driving me MAD.  Particularly since I’m still not sure when I lost my ipod charger (altho I think it has to be in France) and I just realised that I have lost a letter from Miss Tea and a hat that I was planning to remake.  None of these are as devastating as the library issue but it’s cumulative.  All this rushed relocation has taken it’s toll.

But it’s working out well so far, we’re managing the balancing act of finding all the fun in the unplanned doodah.  The up side of LTN’s brokeness and my uselessness at jobfinding is that we can mooch around together, exploring and plotting and having a higher than usual quota of hugs.  And that’s a good thing.

tad dah!

p.s. Thanks to Est for taking these pics in the sunshine by the canal x


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