bumble bees with furry bloomers

I may be getting a tad overexcited about spring at the moment.  There are streets and streets of new plants to explore, lots of magnolias budding ready to go, and lots of scented things knocking your socks off as you go past.  There are stupendous red and yellow striped tulips doing sunworship in a nearby garden, starbusts of mahonia oozing honey, and bumble bees with furry bloomers ambling industriously around them all.

These photos are actually from the Fingest Grizzly’s garden, not from Brizzle at all.

We have white and green hellebores which I find insanely beautiful, and blushing purple dainties with freckles…

and early bumbles barely dusted in pollen,  This one was just pulling on his furry bloomers and soaking up some rays.  Love him.


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