no, my choc’late brownies are the best, actually

I don’t know why all the other bakers in the world claim that their brownies are the “world’s best” when they quite clearly aren’t.  I’m not usually the boastful sort but there’s one area of baking in which I feel it’s quite legitimate for me to say that I am, truly, quite brilliant.  I make damn good brownies, fact.  Birthday brownies were a regular feature for a while, when I was being rubbish at producing actual presents, and I never once saw a recipient look disappointed.  A whole bake of brownies just for them?  Win.  These days I’m still rubbish at producing presents but sadly getting worse at producing birthday brownies on time either.  Fail.

What can I say?  Life is just too complicated at the moment….

Anyway, this weekend I baked the first batch since Christmas, despite the passing of birthdays of thee very lovely people, who totally deserved brownies. That makes me a bad sister, bad daughter, bad friend.  These brownies are for the boys in the flat, because we’re going back to Brizzle and I want them to be glad that they’re returning to a state of  four person housesharing after a cosy month and a bit of just two of them. Boys like brownies.  I hope.

I also made a tasty good key lime pie and some meringues (key lime pie only uses yolks, those whites had to go somewhere!) but that is incidental*

So now I just need to pack for LTN and myself, rewrite my CV so that I can get a brilliant new job the instant we get back (the less said about my procrastination in not having done that before now, the better), and cook a happy anniversary meal for LTN’s parents in, oh, the next two hours……

… a doddle….

or, I could think happy thoughts about the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition in Bristol which I will get LTN to before it closes at the end of the week.  That sounds much better.  Yeah….

*LTN would like me to add that I couldn’t have done it without his valuable help, licking the bowl.


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