in which I think many thoughts to little purpose

Blogger’s block.  When you’ve got nothing to say or when you’ve got lots of random noticings that don’t really add up?


the wild cherry trees are blooming and they’re beautiful but slightly witchy looking

self-sown darkest black purple hellebores in the garden of an unoccupied house get my fingers twitching for a trowel wielded in a midnight foray of botanical reappropriation

you never have the right colour thread when you need it for mending, despite having drawer fulls of many spools of varied hues

I may admire minimalism but it conflicts with my desire to do things like mending, or sewing or having plants and books surrounding me and so I keep having to admit to myself that I’m just not good at it

the strangest things can suddenly remind you of someone you loved, and it’s ok to ask for a hug when you need it

you probably already know this song but it’s been going round in my head for days and the video is wonderful so if you haven’t seen it I hope you’ll enjoy



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