Stop riding that penguin, we’re leaving

We went to the zoo again today – after two highly random days of driving, garden sunshine, Big Grizzly catch up time and CV grottage – and had much fun taking far too many pictures of animals that we didn’t take pictures of the other day. Chief among these were the penguins, seals and meerkats.   Penguins are much beloved by LTN for their comedy stylings, so darlin’, this one’s for you.

- from DENY Designs by Nathan Ripperger

Courtesy of who have a whole lovely post in this vein, click on the penguin to see more.

And before I go, I must just say, Bristol Zoo is getting serious points for babies at the moment. Two month old meerkats are so sweet it’s crazy tempting to grab one and put it in your pocket to take home.  Not so easy with a wee gorilla.  On the other hand, those li’l kats move like greased lightning and apparently have pointy small teeth so it’s probably for the best that they stay with their family.


Holding out for a hero with blue lamposts

More Brizzle graffitti but this time it’s reverse stylie, and on the cop shop no less.

Police? No, we're holding out for a hero

It’s all a bit hippy centric, and I loves it.  Knuckle tattoos ‘LOVE’ and ‘MORE LOVE’? Birds and flowers? Genius.

blue lamposts of love

There were several flocks of birds on the wall, but I particularly like the composition of this, with the hooded man just leaving the frame. He seems sad…

let your worries fly away like birds

I can’t decide if I like the outline or silhouettes best, but I think it works brilliantly.

someone should be very proud

To love – a gorilla

This is Jock, who is a couple of years younger than me but a good deal more impressive, and a lot heavier – weighing in at about 34 stone.  

We went to visit him and the other gorillas at Bristol Zoo today because there is an irresistable attraction.  A baby!  Here he is with Mama Salome, who has lived at the zoo for a while.  She looks very calm about everything, but of course the star of the show is the little’un.

His name is Kukeña, which means ‘to love’.  He’s unutterably gorgeous and as you can see, has a habit of sticking his bum in the air.  I’m smitten.

I was well prepared for a zoo visit today, basking in the sunshine and carrying my longer lens. So lovely to be able to snap away at such a diminutive star.

I look forward to visiting him often and often.  My most excellent boyfriend LTN made the inspired suggestion that we get annual membership so that we can see him grow up.  Genius.

This could even make up for the decided absence of a puppy!

Indecision and red paint

is this the best shot?

If there was a venn diagram of times when I was indecisive and times when I made the correct decision, the overlap section would be very small indeed.  If there was a correlation between indecisiveness and time wasted (there is, I suppose) it would be very strong indeed in my life.  The last couple of days have been rubbish from that point of view.  But I’ve got somewhere.  Possibly not where I meant to be by now, but I’m taking the positive view. I definitely have more things ticked off on my list than I did at the start of the week, and that’s something. Plus it was sunny today, so it’s hard to be sad. 


The three wise monkeys have had a makeover

Political comment or just purple monkeys?  Either way I think they’re fabulous.

While I was in Berlin I often thought how much it reminded me of Brizzle.  Painted houses, a buzzing music scene, and a strong streak of street art.  In Berlin it was maybe a bit more widely dispersed, and Banksy didn’t reign quite so supreme, but both cities are fun to wander around with a camera at the ready.  Take a walk. Open your eyes.  Enjoy.

Just remember: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.  That’s what the wise monkeys say.

Tell it to the birds

These two are on a pillar in the same cluster in Brizzle as I’ve been showing you already.  I love how different they are, but linked by the birds.








And while I’m on birds, I was introduced to a fabulous illustrator by the lovely blogger Bryanna on The Heart of Art, and I’m grateful to her. The illustrations are graphic and clean and right up my street.  Gorgeousness….stop by Brynna’s blog for more images

Heart of Art’s featured artist - illustrator Charley Harper