Serendipity at twilight

We seem to have hit a groove of taking a wander at dusk these last few days. Admittedly there has been mooching in the sunshine and feeding swans (those dudes are scary when they have a tesco bag full of bread in view) but also some rather serendipitous planetry alignment spotting.   Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are following the sun down to bed and thusly ar beautifully bright as the sky shades to deepest blue.  According to the magic phone of LTN you can also see Mars  (in the early morning sky says Time),and Uranus and Neptune are about as well but we haven’t been able to see them because they’re too faint.

I recommend going out and gazing upwards so here is your prescribed soundtrack.  I’ve been singing it since we admired the whole of the moon clearly visible behind the slender crescent of the shinyness.  Yes people, it’s lovely out there.

this is The Whole of the Moon by the Waterboys.  Sorry for not including the information before x


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