Dali in Detroit and other beautiful decay

The Beeb did a spot on the rather wonderful photographic work of Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre, The Ruins of Detroit.  The images are hauntingly lovely depictions of decaying grandeur or nondescript workplaces lent an odd kind of glamour by their ageing disarray and abandonment.  For instance this ordinary office clock has become Daliesque, the wall is texturally fantastic and the composition is perfection itself.

the persistence of memory

Apparently the photos are being exhibited at the Wilmotte Gallery in London until 5th April so I’m going to make an effort to get in and see them.  The use of light is dreamlike and superb, as in this shot.

the lightshaft really lifts the picture from the ordinary to the sublime

The atmosphere created makes me think of Cuba (though I’ve never been) and abandoned Berlin, with all the buildings I never went to explore.  It also reminded me of this extraordinary photo from National Geographic, by Chris Gray.  It was taken in Kolmanskop, an abandoned diamond mine near the coast of Namibia and is ridiculously gorgeous.

view through, colours, shabby chic - love

So much beauty through a lens. Happy me.


4 thoughts on “Dali in Detroit and other beautiful decay

  1. Been meaning to tell you that there is loads of street art in Brizzle according to Ant’s photos. Have fun exploring xx

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