strange but compelling

Have you seen the 9 Eyes project by Jon Rafman? It’s a collection of (discarded?) images apparently (true?) from google streetview.  Strange but often intriguing or wierdly compelling.  I like this one especially; it’s wonderful street art and it also makes me immediately think of the shelf of old sixties sci-fi that my mum had, which I’ve loved exploring for years.

like a sixties sci fi cover

On the secret shelf behind my parents’s bed there were short stories and epic sagas by Arthur C Clarke, Asimov, Ray Bradbury and so on.  They always had fantastic cover art, and mind expanding contents which led me to ask many interesting questions about people and what if?  And if you haven’t read the collection of Asmiov’s robot stories yet, you should. And you should google Kelly Freas, illustrator extraordinaire (click the pic to read more by someone else who likes him)

LOVE this book...

So there.


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