Yesterday was a mix of things: a personal fail, an out of context confusion creation, two good catch ups, a tastygood sandwich, a friend and dress bonus, and a lurgy attack.  On reflection I think it’s a win.  Very lovely to see Miss Tea, Babycham and extra exciting to see Bella and pick up the Dress which has a seriously good twirly function plus being absolutely my favourite colour to wear.  I’m slightly ashamed that I forgot the ski socks for Tea since they were in fact the prompt for the visit, and I’m sad that DananAnne have got the lurgy but I hope that they get well soon and we can rearrange le plan.

Today the exciting news is: I’ve booked tickets for a gigalicious evening in Brizzle in May  when a most excellent friend of Bella’s from Nottingham Uni is going to be the supporting act.  More on the official headliner tomorrow because I’m excited about that too….. but for now have a little boogie to the rather fabulous Jake Morley (

I particularly like that song but you might like another one too.  Never say I don’t treat you!




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