With love, from me

I’ve started this post many times but I feel like I don’t have any of the right words.  I’m sorry if this makes my loved ones sad but it’s in my mind and somethings are easier written than said.  So much of this blog is written for my Mum, in place of the random rambles on the telephone, the songs played full blast to make housework go faster, the photos to share the places that I knew she’d love to see, the words or ridiculousness I knew she’d appreciate.  Today would have been her 62nd birthday so I can’t let it go by unmarked.

In all the noise and confusion of just managing everyday life it can be hard to grab a moment and stop and be quiet but the snowdrops are out, the hellebores are doing their miraculous Lenten Rose thing and the daffodils are showing slender green promises of gold above the snow – so I look at them and think of Mum.  I love you, I miss you, Happy Birthday.



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