Words in cardboard and neon, the people just hurrying by

I had a lovely afternoon of catch ups with a couple of my girls yesterday, absolutely what the doctor ordered.  I felt so much more cheerful and normal afterwards.

But before I saw the lovely Li and Bella I had to accomplish some challenges in London and I discovered that I muchly out of practice.  I walked much further than I needed to because I’d forgotten where useful shops were.  Plus my decisive faculties were seriously impaired by trying to work out where I was and what I was doing so even when I got into sales emporiums I struggled with making purchases.  But I got everything ticked off the list, in a fashion.

What’s more, turning the wrong way out of Bond street led me to Selfridges and it’s funky windows, which were full of words.  People were walking by in a bustle, paying little attention, but I snuck in some photos to share with you.

and finally, from Soho – some strangely life appropriate neon


4 thoughts on “Words in cardboard and neon, the people just hurrying by

  1. Words in Art – YAY!!! It was so lovely to see you my dear, I’ve missed your lovely face, let’s repeat frequently now you’re back on the island xxx

    • thanks Cassie, I’m exactly the same. Give me art with words in and I’m a very happy lady. Give me a book and I probably won’t talk to you for a while because I’ll be happily reading. Cheers for stopping by! x

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