Dali in Detroit and other beautiful decay

The Beeb did a spot on the rather wonderful photographic work of Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre, The Ruins of Detroit.  The images are hauntingly lovely depictions of decaying grandeur or nondescript workplaces lent an odd kind of glamour by their ageing disarray and abandonment.  For instance this ordinary office clock has become Daliesque, the wall is texturally fantastic and the composition is perfection itself.

the persistence of memory

Apparently the photos are being exhibited at the Wilmotte Gallery in London until 5th April so I’m going to make an effort to get in and see them.  The use of light is dreamlike and superb, as in this shot.

the lightshaft really lifts the picture from the ordinary to the sublime

The atmosphere created makes me think of Cuba (though I’ve never been) and abandoned Berlin, with all the buildings I never went to explore.  It also reminded me of this extraordinary photo from National Geographic, by Chris Gray.  It was taken in Kolmanskop, an abandoned diamond mine near the coast of Namibia and is ridiculously gorgeous.

view through, colours, shabby chic - love

So much beauty through a lens. Happy me.


Serendipity at twilight

We seem to have hit a groove of taking a wander at dusk these last few days. Admittedly there has been mooching in the sunshine and feeding swans (those dudes are scary when they have a tesco bag full of bread in view) but also some rather serendipitous planetry alignment spotting.   Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are following the sun down to bed and thusly ar beautifully bright as the sky shades to deepest blue.  According to the magic phone of LTN you can also see Mars  (in the early morning sky says Time),and Uranus and Neptune are about as well but we haven’t been able to see them because they’re too faint.

I recommend going out and gazing upwards so here is your prescribed soundtrack.  I’ve been singing it since we admired the whole of the moon clearly visible behind the slender crescent of the shinyness.  Yes people, it’s lovely out there.

this is The Whole of the Moon by the Waterboys.  Sorry for not including the information before x

strange but compelling

Have you seen the 9 Eyes project by Jon Rafman? It’s a collection of (discarded?) images apparently (true?) from google streetview.  Strange but often intriguing or wierdly compelling.  I like this one especially; it’s wonderful street art and it also makes me immediately think of the shelf of old sixties sci-fi that my mum had, which I’ve loved exploring for years.

like a sixties sci fi cover

On the secret shelf behind my parents’s bed there were short stories and epic sagas by Arthur C Clarke, Asimov, Ray Bradbury and so on.  They always had fantastic cover art, and mind expanding contents which led me to ask many interesting questions about people and what if?  And if you haven’t read the collection of Asmiov’s robot stories yet, you should. And you should google Kelly Freas, illustrator extraordinaire (click the pic to read more by someone else who likes him)

LOVE this book...

So there.


Yesterday was a mix of things: a personal fail, an out of context confusion creation, two good catch ups, a tastygood sandwich, a friend and dress bonus, and a lurgy attack.  On reflection I think it’s a win.  Very lovely to see Miss Tea, Babycham and extra exciting to see Bella and pick up the Dress which has a seriously good twirly function plus being absolutely my favourite colour to wear.  I’m slightly ashamed that I forgot the ski socks for Tea since they were in fact the prompt for the visit, and I’m sad that DananAnne have got the lurgy but I hope that they get well soon and we can rearrange le plan.

Today the exciting news is: I’ve booked tickets for a gigalicious evening in Brizzle in May  when a most excellent friend of Bella’s from Nottingham Uni is going to be the supporting act.  More on the official headliner tomorrow because I’m excited about that too….. but for now have a little boogie to the rather fabulous Jake Morley (http://www.jakemorley.com/)

I particularly like that song but you might like another one too.  Never say I don’t treat you!



Composition is harder than it looks

I really ought to be writing more at the moment, for two reasons. It might straighten out my head a lil bit, and it certainly would be good discipline for me.  Admittedly there is a lot going on that I can’t control at the moment but that doesn’t excuse me from not getting on with the stuff which is particularly my own – I really ought to be getting on with making the shiniest CV in the world and deciding what on earth I want to do with myself workwise – but  composition of that sort is harder than it looks.

I haven’t been doing much in the way of new photos lately so I’ve raided the archive.

This is one of those photos that rather disappointed me when I took it but now I can see a few elements that I like.  It was shot at speed as I trolled past the Boxy fleamarket on my way to elsewhere, and I think that with stronger composition it would have been quite alright.  But as it is, it reminds me of Berlin and that makes me happy.

With love, from me

I’ve started this post many times but I feel like I don’t have any of the right words.  I’m sorry if this makes my loved ones sad but it’s in my mind and somethings are easier written than said.  So much of this blog is written for my Mum, in place of the random rambles on the telephone, the songs played full blast to make housework go faster, the photos to share the places that I knew she’d love to see, the words or ridiculousness I knew she’d appreciate.  Today would have been her 62nd birthday so I can’t let it go by unmarked.

In all the noise and confusion of just managing everyday life it can be hard to grab a moment and stop and be quiet but the snowdrops are out, the hellebores are doing their miraculous Lenten Rose thing and the daffodils are showing slender green promises of gold above the snow – so I look at them and think of Mum.  I love you, I miss you, Happy Birthday.