Wreathed in smiles

Here’s one result of the greenery picking walk.  There are berries on the holly this year!   Making and hanging the wreath is another important tradition for me, and it has to be slightly different every year.  The base is made from bits of our willow tree, wound around itself until I get a thickness that suits, and then the stems of everything else can be tucked into the weave without the need for wires.  I still end up with holes all over my fingers from the holly though.  We live in ‘the green barn opposite the church’ and I must confess I was dead chuffed that the church reflected beautifully in our porch door for the photo shoot.

However, as usual, the lead up to Christmas is racing by, and I’m not managing to squeeze in as much as I hoped to.  Unpacking took up a fair amount of time, and with the first stage of stuff sorting it’s left me with a massive heap of clothes awaiting alterations for improved wearability.  Fun but I’m not sure when it’s going to happen, especially as there are yet more boxes and drawers to be got through…

It’s a great time of year for cupboard trawling though, strangely satisfying.  The storecupboards here are deep and mysterious so Da and I decided to stocktake before doing the Christmas grocery shop – apart from anything else I needed to know how many baking ingredients he already had before I can start my biscuit and brownie marathon.  I ended up in fits of giggles, as we unearthed bag after bag of bread flour, about a million types of pasta and rice, and successively more mature christmas puddings in pots.  I think the oldest container discovered had a  best before date of 2006.  But hey, what can wrong with condensed milk? Anybody know?  Guess we’ll find out….if it all goes quiet on the squeak front, you’ll know why!


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