Seeing stars

Living in a city is wonderful much of the time, but when I get out of whichever city it is, I always realise that there are things I subconsciously miss.  Like the open fields, the woods, and the stars on a clear night.  Some of my clearest memories are of watching the sky, not a one of them are bad.

Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night (wiki)

On Saturday I had my own starry night.  I was LTN’s plus one to his old rugby club Christmas dinner.  After being pinned into my dress and climbing a stepladder into my shoes, meeting all his friends and watching people do many strange things, I happily danced those shoes off again and afterwards agreed to walk to the station through the clear and frosty night. The stars were wonderful – which I may have mentioned to LTN more than once or twice.  I might also have mentioned that it was quite cold and the path was uneven and therefore walking was harder as a short person in tall heels than as a tall person in flat shoes.  Maybe.  But it was worth it, the stars really were that lovely.  And the company was too.  Good times.


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