A christmas card tradition

As previously squeaked, it’s definitely approaching Christmas.  Like last year, I’m busy catapulting myself into a new and scary although eminently desirable and desired situation and am thusly almost 100% wrapped up in making the transition as smoothly as possible.  Once again I’m supported by my ever awesome Pierre and most lovely LTN, but I’m still managing to make a meal of it.  Which is to say, I’m so not ready for Christmas, but I am looking forward to baking goodies once I get home.  That’s assuming that the Rayburn is nice, always doubtful since I still think it hatesme.  Last year I was thwarted in my domestic goddess aspirations because I caught some evil flu thing and coughed, spluttered and slept my way through the festivities. Poor old family.  I shall do better this year.

This evening* I’ve been working on our Christmas card. Our family has a longstanding tradition of making our cards.  Now, don’t imagine that they’re all handmade, but the original is created specially each year and then reproduced the required number of times by mechanical means.  I’ve many happy memories associated with this, of long evenings spent at our long table with Mum and Manth, painting bits of the cards all kinds of colours.  And then came choosing the ‘best’ ones for the most appreciative recipients.  There are family friends who claim to have the whole set since forever, which is more than we do.

I’ve been struggling to come up with something fresh this year – last year had an inquisitive goose and snow covered trees and snowman but until recently I thought I was out of festive photos and bright ideas.  But then I posted the Weihnachts Markt snaps and had a thunk….so here is sketch 1, to be transferred to ink and proper paper.  What do you think?

*yesterday, can’t post too many things on one day so this got delayed…

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