Schon Dezember

The days are rushing past crazy fast at the moment.  As my lovely tandem partner/friend Sonja said: Die Zeit rennt-oh je es ist schon Dezember.  The Weihnachts Martks are in full swing in Berlin now, and they’re actually putting me in a good Christmas mood, despite the complete lack of present selecting I’ve done so far.  Well, just look at the pretty lights…


Weihnachs Markts mean tented stalls and music and food and drink: Glühwein, Dresdner Handbrot, Germknödel, Thüringer Bratwürst, Lebkuchen…. nom nom nom.  What do you mean you don’t understand?  Okay, explanations:

Glühwein = mulled wine, basically, but somehow tastier cos it just seems more proper.  Plus it’s really cold here and I’ve decided that you need to be freeeezing to fully appreciate Glühwein.  I say this with all the authority of having been at Vienna and Budapest markets, altough I think Hungarian Forralt Bor is the overall winner in the hot wine stakes.
Dresdner Handbrot = quite probably my favourite snack here in D-land, tasty bread filled with melty cheese and ham, with sour cream in the split on top.  Lecker.
Germknödel = yeasty dough dumplings, eaten with hot sour fruit like cherries or plums, and vanilla sauce. Sooo good.
Thüringer Bratwürst = the sausage inna bun.  Top notch. Nuff said.
Lebküchen = spicy biscuits, often covered with chocolate or sugar, yum.  Have to be careful though, as they often conceal sneaky almond content. Naughty.

When you’re lucky, there’s also a giant tree covered in fairy lights.  This one is quite epic, particularly next to the Französicher Dom (right) and Konzerthaus (left).


Christmas apparently also means little pop up markets inside, with all kinds of random stuff to buy.  Best named so far – Holy. Shit. Shopping.  It was huge!  A bit pricy but some very cool stuff, and so Berlin – taking place in random rooms in the old royal mint.   Suffice to say I’m having fun exploring….


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