swinging Saturday

It wasn’t just the woolly aspect that made this Saturday rather delicious, it was lovely rambley Berlin day.  I started the morning with tea and chick lit auf Deutsch in bed, then dusched and took myself off to the market.  Ostensibly this was in hunt of presents, but I ended up scoffing a sausage and buying myself souvenir necklace so that didn’t quite work.

And then my day went even more pleasantly off plan, as I joined the crowd around Rob Longstaff and stayed there for ages, drinking coffee, enjoying the vibe.  It was all that is best of Berlin for me, there were even random folks swing dancing next to the little kids bobbing in their warm and toasty onesies.  He was chatty and versatile and since I’m feeling seriously sentimental at the moment I bought myself his CD to remind myself of all my happy mornings just standing with strangers in the sunshine, listening to live music and feeling lucky.  That will always be Berlin for me.  I may not have made it to many museums but when I’ve been waylaid in this way, I really can’t regret it much.


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