I’m a little bit woolly at the moment. It’s quite enjoyable but not always the most productive state to be in, which means that I haven’t got anywhere at all with finding myself gainful employment for UK reentry, nor made much progress with Christmas present prepping.

first try at colourwork, earflaps and pompoms

On the other hand I have ‘finished’ the hat I was working on for skiing.  It’s my first attempt at colour work and after ripping it apart a few times and getting used to holding a colour in each hand I really enjoyed making it.  The problem is that despite using the ‘child’ pattern it came up pretty big, and more upsettingly the gorgeous grey I chose for my stars doesn’t really show up too well.  I like it close up but it’s pretty subtle as you can probably see from my pic.  Yeah, I know, you can’t see the pattern at all can you?  It’s better in daylight, I’ll show you soon.  But anyhoo, all this means that in pursuit of perfection I’m going to have to do something funky to line this one and make it fit a bit better (fleece or fur?) and I pretty much ‘have’ to make another one.

That’s right, I was forced to make another visit to the wool shop on Saturday.  Off I went in the crisp cold sunshine on my bike, reminding myself how much I need exercise before I start falling down mountains.

just one corner of inspiration heaven

Somehow I’ve become awfully attached to that bike, it’s going to be hard to say goodbye to her. Some bike oriented person in Brizzle is going to have to help me find another sit-up-and-beg-this-isn’t-exercise-it’s-too-elegant bike when I get home.  I’m just saying. You know who you are…

But back to Loops. I’m not complaining, far from it, but oh my gosh I have a hard time in there. It’s all so very very desirable, run by people who clearly love knitting and wool, and not only display the yarns beautifully but also have lots of sample knits and swatches around the place to show you what’s possible. Yearning to be able to do it all…I’m a bit limited at the moment as I only have DPNs and a circular needle here but if you want a wool stocking filler please send me specs so that I can stock up with wool before I go home.

I’ll be back to the shop soon because I got struck down by indecisiveness and was completely unable to choose 2 colours for this hat ‘take 2’.

just a few of the pretty colours

I finally narrowed it down to four shades (I have a 3 green hats, so no green, 2 red hats so no red…) and then got stuck.  Luckily the shop lady came along and told me that the dark blue would make me a good jumper but not hat, and she suggested the smokey blue and oatmeal.  I had to go away and think about it but I’m almost convinced she’s right and I’m looking forward to my next visit.

So now the question is how much to mess with the pattern.  I definitely need to take some rows out, but I’m strongly tempted to try a different motif as well.  I find knitting exactly the same thing again almost as hard as waiting for buses when I could walk instead.  This doesn’t bode well for my first pair of socks!

And that must be enough hat talk.  If you’ve any wonderful ideas, please comment, it appears that I need help….


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