By way of apology

First of all I must apologise for my long silence. Life has been a little bit complicated of late.

A while ago, and I lose track exactly when, I made the decision to book a one way flight home. I refuse to say that it’s für immer because I have definitely fallen for life in Berlin, but my thoughts are often straying home and the wind whispered in my ear that it was time for another change. Since making the decision I’ve had two wonderful visits, from my lovely girls and my LTN, and some beauteous autumnal days in the city. I’m working through the cycle of telling everyone that I’m leaving, and as ever, I’m finding it hard. However much I want to move on, I still find it impossibly hard to say goodbye to places where I’ve hung my hat for more than a few months.

So that’s had my head in a bit of a tangle, plus I’ve been a bit ill and working hard so that’s left not much time for blogness.  So to make good on a promise, I must quickly give you the results of much photobox silliness.

Then I must also give you this spot by Sham, just because I love it.

said Pippi triumphantly

And finally I must run to bed and hope to talk to you with more sense and more feeling soon soon.  But it’s an evil work week, so it might be another wee while.


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