The turning leaves

This is Unter den Linden in the festival of lights, the avenue looked fantastic (literally) with so much uplighting.  It made me really look forward to Christmas lights.

avenue of lights

As you can see, the trees still had most of their leaves when Dad was here, but they were beginning to turn.  Since then the city has been slowly turning into gold.  I do have more pictures for you but my internet at home is kaput and so I can’t edit at home. I don’t want to be silent for too long, so I’m just going to share this with you now, and promise you more trees and other pictures before too long.

I’m experiencing serious backlog at the moment.  After a succession of wonderful visits (such a good time was had with the girls!) I have lots of pictures and words for you, but I haven’t had time to sort through either and give you the good ones.  Soon soon, I hope, but not this weekend because the boy is visiting (yay).  Auf wiedersehen, bis bald.

p.s. Mr Murray, fancing coming back in to look after the place?  It’s going to rack and ruin since you left me…


4 thoughts on “The turning leaves

  1. I’ve been sleeping in a burnt-out old Opel by the banks of the Spree since I left. I’m doing alright, thanks. Folk have been kind. Though it proved hard to sleep through a Festival of frickin’ Lights. I’m seeing all these new photos going up and wondering who’s keeping them in order? who’s dusting them? I’m a man of stubborn pride though; A new set of overalls and my very own coffee mug – And I’ll come crawwwwling back… 🙂

    • Overalls and mug are ready and waiting, are you still okay? It’s pretty damn cold out there. I’m sorry I only just saw this message, even the mail is piling up into unmanageable heaps these days and the dust doesn’t even bear mentioning. I think there may be dust bunnies living in the corners of the rooms. Please save me xxx

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