My favourite Berlin building?

To (almost) complete the set of Festival photos, I’ve saved one of my favourite buildings for last.  Yes, it’s the Berliner Dom.  It reposes elegantly by the river; next to, but maintaining a dignified distance from, the Museum Isle, with the Lustgarten and fountain laid demurely out in front – a tempting spot for sunning yourself and thinking big thunks.

Some of my favourite Dom moments?  Meeting LTN there after a lesson, eating cake and listening to a random man playing a grand piano set up apparently on a whim. On another day with LTN, racing to reach the balcony for views of the city and the sunset – my first time inside the church and astounded by its beauty.  And finally managing to be there at dusk to watch the starlings wheeling in endlessly shifting formation around the main dome and smaller towers; a  mesmeric show which was particularly special because Mantha was with me,  a completely unplanned treat for us both in the middle of her visit.

So I really wanted to see the projections and wasn’t disappointed. I took quite a few photos but they didn’t come out very well.  It was cold, my pod was small and we were a bit tired. But here are a few that I like nonetheless.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

p.s. I’m writing this in the dark because Eri is asleep, and just a few minutes ago a spider appeared out of nowhere into the glow of the screen, bungee jumping from the ceiling.  I nearly fell out of my chair.  But I finished the post, even though he’s somewhere near me in the dark and I don’t know where.  That’s the level of my dedication to you, dear Reader.   Goodnight and sweet dreams.

p.p.s. I think I need to brush up on my comma and semi colon usage rules.  The punktuation is definitely getting out of hand!  Better go though, I think I’ve woken Eri, bad me…


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