red sky at night

Sometimes I think that I get rewarded for making the right decision at the very last minute.  I am ridiculously good at finding excuses for not doing the things I ought to be doing/sort of want to be doing but am a bit scared about/don’t want to etc etc.  And often the excuses making side of me wins, but I’m trying to fight back.  This morning I signally failed to get out of bed and do anything useful with my morning, but this evening after teaching I did manage to drag myself out of the warm for a run.  And I was rewarded by probably the best sunset that I’ve seen since I’ve been in Berlin, stripes of yellow, pink, red, purple crisscrossed by aeroplane trails in subtler colours.  Fabulous.

And the moral of this story?

Take a camera running.  Next time, next time.


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