Raw photo files

My weekend with LTN didn’t involve much camera work, or even much out and about.  We managed dinner out both days, of course, and cocktails in a very luscious bar recommended by Mr A o’B.  There were plans to go to the Botanical Gardens or the Aquarium but we ended up mostly cosying up inside.  But with a little bit of sunshine on offer, we had to go for at least one wander and so found ourselves listening to Tanga Elektra (you might remember them from April) down at RAW.  Then we spent a while exploring, trying to figure out what all the old buildings had been used for, and spotting the better bits of graffiti.  There was even an old London bus, with sad eyes.  Here are just a few snaps of what we found

Newsflash!  I went out for my first Berlin run this morning, as one of my classes cancelled so I could start the day my way.  It was slow, and short, only 30 minutes and 3 miles, but it felt good and I had some sunshine for it, and I didn’t walk.  My legs are definitely a bit tired now but I do feel quite positive about it.  Woop!

And finally, some other  good things that happened today:  3 students who I wasn’t convinced were really finding lessons useful have all said that they want to continue with me once their teaching block is over.  A teacher came into the staff room today complaining that he had no one to watch the rugby with.  Naturally I volunteered and so we’re going to watch Wales hopefully beating France on Saturday.  I made a date with Kate for Friday night and with Danni for Saturday night, so I have some plans for the weekend.  And as I was walking home admiring the stars I saw a ghostly white vee of birds creaking overhead and it was beautiful.  Not bad as days go.


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