post goodbye come down

First I have to say that I really really love to have visitors, and I’d far rather have them than not.  But I do wish I could work out a way to avoid the post goodbye comedown, when life just seems flat and the evening stretches long and and empty in front of me as I return from the airport.   After muchly fun in Berlin with any of my lovelies, it seems not so much fun to go back to doing Berlin on my own.  This I suppose is the downside to having adventures.

Of course, there are things I could be doing.  I could be out on the town, exploring one of the many things that I point out to visitors as on the list: just down the road for example there are venues for climbing and tango, hell there’s even an out of place looking dojo for some kind of martial art were I so inclined.  There’s always the option of calling somebody for a drink, going to see a film or even just curling up in bed with a book.  But they just don’t appeal that much when I’m trying to recover from waving somebody off.

The other possibility would be to get on with some of the things I really should be doing.  I need to look at my lesson for tomorrow so that I turn up with vague idea of what I’m doing. Applying myself to future career research would be good, as would searching for UK housing options.  Maybe I might get a head start on sorting my receipts for the tax man (gosh, that sounds fun), or just get on and book my ski holiday insurance. Actually, I really should do that one.

Maybe I could study German a bit, or plot possible holidays for next year, which are going to be a massive challenge given that skiing is already booked and using most of my pennies but I really want to go to the US to visit Cee.  Plus if I want to travel with LTN there’s also  the question of his severely limited leave allowance, and it’s all fairly academic until I’ve got a job and know how big my travel fund and my own leave allowance will be.  It’s going to need to be the year of very cheap long weekends away I think, which entails some serious long range planning – not my strongest point.

I won’t do any of that tonight, in fact I’ve managed to make a whole lot of the evening disappear just rambling on and editing this post.  And it will pass, for the most part, and I’ll get on with showing you a few photos from this weekend, and eventually some from Mantha’s visit as well since I’m seriously overdue on those.  I won’t be this self-indulgent for long.  Apart from anything else I’ve got more visits to look forward to.

But basically, for now, I’m just feeling blue.  I miss you.


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