Waiting for the light

It would be true to say that Tea and I covered a lot of ground over the weekend.  We walked a lot and talked a lot.  We walked down by the river on Sunday via the East Side Gallery and saw the sun set over the river before going for a pre-dinner boogie at Club des Visionnaires.

looking West from the Oberbaumbrücke

We had started Sunday pretty slowly with a long late brunch and both had forgotten to take out our proper cameras so I snapped the lovely light with my compact.  I couldn’t resist trying to catch the moment and despite the poor quality I really love this picture.  Doing motion!

S crossing the Oberbaumbrücke

Catching the light exactly is something I’m trying to work on with my photography.  Tea and I had a few chats about it, and discovered that we both had the same wonderful book, Waiting for the Light by David Noton, who I was lucky enough to meet by accident at his exhibition at the Oxo Gallery.  If you’re at all interested in photography, find this book.  It’s inspirational.
This last picture is actually from Saturday evening so the light was quite different and honestly you can’t see here how beautiful it was, but I think that the cranes and streetlights are pretty so I’ll show you anyway.

Unter den Linden unter die Krane

Actually Saturday night was one of the many highlights of Tea’s visit because we had a long overdue Skype reunion with Cee.  She’s over in the USA naming toads after us and then studying their sexual behaviour (or lack of it).  We still love her though and it was the most wonderful thing to spend 3 hours, a couple of bottles of wine, and some beers, nattering as if no time had passed at all.  We’re all in such different places from where we were 18 months ago but the beauty of girly nights doesn’t change.  T & C were fantastic housemates and they are still amazing friends.  Lucky me!  Now if only we could have worked out a way to beam Cee over to join us for the Sunday night dancing…..


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